Fan Mail from the original Women Who Run With the Stooges site!

Note: this is the original text of the Fan Mail page — I’m just gonna paste it in “as is” for your reading pleasure, nyuk nyuk!


I’m pleased to report that since this page started in October of 1999, I’ve received dozens of truly terrific letters from fellow female Stooge lovers! Fortunately, I’ve got a working guestbook up on the site now [long gone, unfortunately], so your Stooge Mail can be posted instantaneously. However, the pre-guestbook letters below deserve your attention – see for yourself that women really DO love the Stooges! (And just to be fair, I’ll throw in the occasional letter from a guy, especially if he’s Curleyesque, nyuck nyuck!)

I am 12 years old and i am also a girl. You probably know how rare it is for someone my age to love the stooges with ” backstreet boys” and NSync around. I love your site and i now know i am not the only female in the world who loves the stooges.

Larry’s biggest fan ever

* * *

Dear Christine,

I just wanted to say your website is a wonderful tribute to the stooges! i found it in USA Today’s article and the name just drew me in! i am in my early 30’s and love the stooges, Larry is my fave but Curly is great as well! i began watching them when i was little with my aunt and uncle and have loved them ever since. i enjoyed the recent movie but was sorry to see how they were treated. the part of Curly in the hospital room reading that letter just broke my heart! i am thrilled AMC is showing them on weekends and a new large group of fans should be formed!! Keep up the great work and i look forward to new exciting things on your site!!

Stooges Will Rule Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosemary from Pennsylvania

* * *

Great site. My brother always tells me that I am the only female he knows that likes the 3 stooges!

* * *

I just read about your website yesterday in the Chicago Tribune. What a great idea! I have to admit when I was younger, I did’nt appreaciate the boys as much as I do now at 44. Five years ago I was ill and for some reason I could’nt watch anything but the Stooges. I had taped a Curly marathon on T.B.S (he is my favorite) and watched it over and over. Their wonderful nonsense got me through a very scary time. I truly love them now. They are like my guardian angels. When ever I’m bothered by anything I pop them into the vcr and let them take over. Soon I’m feeling better. Those nuts will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for the great website and the chance to express my feelings about them.

A Forever Stooge Fan,
Debra Riccio

* * *

I have always thought that I was the only woman who loved the stooges – it is great to know that I’m not alone! Thanks for the great website –

Pamela V. Williams

* * *

LOVE IT!!!! Am forwarding it to all my women friends who know I am a Stooge Lover (but don’t understand it), just to make sure they know!!!!

Moe Always,

Kay Koeller
St Louis MO

* * *

Thanks for this wonderful page!! You don’t know how thrilled I was to find out that I wasn’t the only woman who liked the Stooges after all!! My friends think I’m crazy, but I truly enjoy the humor of the Stooges. Thanks so much for putting up this site.


* * *

I think your Web site is great. My husband and I watch the Three Stooges every weekend along with watching our near complete collection of all their movies. THANKS!!!!

Dorothy C.

* * *

Yes, I too am a woman and I adore THE STOOGES. SO nice to chat with another dame! My favorite stooge is SHEMP, my favorite short is BRIDELESS GROOM ( I must confess I really love AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE, too!). Your page is a breathe of OLD PANTHER and I promise I will be checking back. WONDERFUL!


* * *

Brilliant! Thank you! My son says “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We love the Stooges!

Julia A. Vargo

* * *

Great Page! I’m a 40 year old woman who just loves the Stooges!

I guess that makes me a lame-brained knucklehead? Oh Well!

* * *

Hey, I’m not much on this computin’ but I had to let you know how wonaful it is. By the way, I was a Larry freak!!!! Thought I saw a flash of something on tv about a movie on their lives yesterday. Haven’t seen a ting since. God Bless Ya’s.

Mary B.

* * *

I just read your knucklehead page and think it’s great! My seven year old daughter is becoming a fast fan of the Stoogers! She first saw Curley and when Shemp came on she wanted to know where Curley was! I’ve loved them for years and so did every female in my house growing up! Great page!


* * *

I just finished watching an all day marathon of the Stooges on AMC. I laughed and laughed. It’s good to know there are other ladies out there who can appreciate the slapstick humor of the boys. My husband and I just laugh and laugh at the wonderful guys.

Keep up the good work.

Another Stooge Lover, Debbie

* * *

I’m a guy, and I hope you ladies don’t mind my having visited the site; I was just curious. It’s great to know that there are female Stooges fans, and that the myth that women don’t like the guys has been shattered.

* * *

love it!!!! my partner sent me the page, and is now insisting on putting that picture of the stooges on rushmore back up. I’ll treasure your words of strength and womanly wisdom as I find a way to get the kitty to pee on the back of it….

just yokin’!
Betsy Eldredge

* * *

Nice page and very good links. The stooges have more film than all of the other of their contemporaries combined, nearly. They were funny then. They are still fresh and funny now. I have had the book “Moe Howard And The Three Stooges” by Moe Howard in my library for over twenty years. Published in 1977 by Citadel Press, it is just the most complete and personal “Stooge” book out there. Their persona were so well known that is the film “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World” they did nothing but appear in one scene as firemen and the theatre audience laughed out loud. They got the joke. Luckily their films are just about all saved( thanks to the people at Columbia Pictures and it’s successors from Harry Cohn right up to the present, who just happen to like money and making it) and probably a hundred years from now film history classes will be debating the “art” of making people laugh via film and the Three Stooges will be in the forefront still. By the way, “Pick two you moron.”

Best regards
Bob O’Brien

* * *

I greatly enjoyed your web page and I have been a Three Stooges fan since I was a child and I’m well past 40 and a woman, to boot. I know many women who love the Stooges and we watch them on AMC on the weekends.

Keep up the good work!

Brenda Robinson

* * *

I am just lovin’ the fact that you dedicated a page to our guys. And , yes I am so tired of hearing how the Stooges are a guy thing!!! In fact, in my online profile under personal quote I wrote, “Oh, wise guy! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!” I especially love Curly(aka Babe, aka Jerome)!

Thank you, good work!

yours online,

* * *

Hey, I did a search on Excite for any Three Stooges stuff and couldn’t resist your site. I’ve always loved the Stooges since I was a kid. When I first met my husband he was surprised I’d watch the Stooges, let alone LIKED them.

I love Moe, Larry and Curly, but also love Shemp. I was hoping to find the sound Shemp makes (“Whoa! Whoa!”) but wasn’t able to find it. It might be on your site but I missed it. If you have it, could you point it out to me? I can do a pretty good imitation of Shemp saying that…it “disturbs” my husband just a bit… 😉

Thanks so much for realizing that we love the Stooges too.

Your Truly,
Cecilia Matt