Women Who Run With the Stooges!

It’s just one of those things everybody’s read somewhere – so it must be true:


Women just don’t like the Three Stooges – it’s unnatural!

Well, as the legendary Sojourner Truth stated (on a slightly different subject), “Ain’t I a woman??” Hold on, let me check:


Yup, looks like it! And like my sisters everywhere, I just can’t resist:


the smoldering, dark sensuality of Moe;


the impetuous, devil-may-care, frizzy-haired wonder, Larry;

and don’t even get me started on (sigh)


the deceptively childlike Curley!

So no more hiding, ladies! Let’s break out of our self-imposed, anti-Stooge prison!


Join hands and sing it out loud:


“I’m a Stooges Woman…and I’m Proud!!”

Well, soitenly! (nyuk nyuk)

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